Enforce the Hillside Ordinance!!!  The property is designated as a Hillside Lot!!

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A.   Purpose. It is the purpose of this Section to establish regulations which recognize that development of land in hilly or mountainous areas involves special considerations and unique situations which result from the slope of the land. These special considerations and unique situations include but are not limited to increased hazards to development from rock falls, storm water runoff, geologic hazards, increased limitations on vehicular travel, and increased difficulties in providing public services. In addition, steeply sloped lands introduce design limitations to roadways, cuts and fills, and building sites. In general, the more steeply the land slopes, the greater potential hazard and development limitation. Additionally, since hilly or mountainous areas within the city offer a desirable setting, visible to the entire city, they are an unique natural asset. It is intended through these regulations to preserve the visual integrity and character of hillside areas, while allowing reasonable development which is both safe and functional.


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Rehab Facility Meeting Information

Zoning R5 is for Residential Not Rehab

Hi Neighbor,

I want to make you aware of the proposed changes to the Fireman’s Reception Hall located at 1431 E. Dunlap Ave.

The property was recently purchased by the Native American Connection and they are proposing making it a 55 bed Sober Living / Substance Abuse Rehab facility. Two existing buildings will be modified to house 48 beds and 7 beds.  Then, a new building will be constructed for meeting rooms and a cafeteria. 

Another multi-family housing unit is eventually planned to be built in the southwest corner of the property.  I don’t know what that housing will be used for, but I would guess it is not market rate housing.  Attached is the information on the use permit being requested.  I hope you join me in fighting this. 

This facility would be located approximately 725 feet away from an elementary school. Children walk to school and there are school buses regularly through this neighborhood.   There are two neighborhood parks close by.  Palma park is currently a very active are with children and family routinely present for athletic practice and games. 

The attorney for the property will tell you it is a locked facility, but when he was asked if a patient can check themselves out, he said ‘yes’.  A recent statistic suggests that only about 20% of recovering addict are clean 5 years after rehab.  Many addicts don’t finish the rehab program because they check themselves out early.

According to Meth relapse statistics indicate that about 61% of meth users will relapse within 1 year of finishing substance abuse treatment.

Many people outside our neighborhood don’t realize this area consists almost exclusively of residential homes and has been undergoing gentrification over the past few years.  We have seen new families with children buying homes and people are beginning to take pride in the neighborhood again.  Property values have significantly increased as this residential area has become recognized as a unique, residential ‘pocket’ within Phoenix with an amazing mountain preserve nearby and beautiful city views. 

Unfortunately, a 2014 article in Realtor magazine suggest a potential negative impact on real estate values for homes located next to a rehab facility.

“They found that home values within one-eighth mile of a residential treatment center is associated with an 8 percent reduction in home prices when measured against comparable homes that are farther away. The discount is magnified even more when the treatment centers are for those that specifically treat opiate addiction, which includes addictions to heroin or morphine. In those cases, home values are reduced by up to 17 percent, researchers found.”

Our neighborhood does not deserve this.  Many of our neighborhood residents are hardworking young families, older residents that have lived here many years and like their quiet community, or young career adults that recognize this neighborhood as a beautiful niche in central Phoenix and want to live here to start their family.  In addition, an increase in daily traffic along the residential streets is expected.

 I personally do not see how this can be viewed as a positive addition to the neighborhood. 

It is important that our community speaks up now.  I will be attending the use permit meeting on Thursday September 20, 2018 at Phoenix City Hall Assembly Room C at 1:30 pm.  Please try to attend this meeting too.  The more people present will help show unity.   I don’t know how much time we will have to voice our concerns directly to the hearing officer, so PLEASE write a letter to referencing permit case no. ZA-392-18-3.  The hearing officer will be specifically evaluating how this development will affect property values, traffic, odor and dust.  If you feel comfortable, please forward your letter to me as well so I can bring them to the meeting.  My email address is

The number for the Attorney is also on the attached packet.  Please call him and learn about the changes for yourself.  After speaking with him several times they are planning to move forward with the project unless we can stop them.  Call your City Councilwoman Debra Stark Today 602-234-8728.  Call your state Senator Kate Brophy McGee 602-926-4486.  

My phone number is 480-748-8074 if you would like to call me.

Thank You,Will