What happens if someone who is in the Rehab program wants to check themselves out?  The answer is they can check themselves out of the program if they want.   My question is where do they go if the check themselves out?  Below is an abstract of a study looking at completion rates.  Here is the Link to the Article.  

drug and alcohol treatment

SAMHSA Statistics

The most recent data available for completion rates at drug and alcohol treatment facilities shows some interesting results.  Assembled from 1.5 million discharges from facilities across 42 states, the report details overall completion rates as well as breaking the data down into a wide variety of criteria that can help to uncover more perspective on the experiences of people seeking drug and alcohol treatment in the United States.

Overall, the report found that the completion rate for people seeking drug and alcohol treatment was 47%.  Within this overall number, the data showed that completion rate varied widely depending upon factors such as substance of abuse and the type of service being offered by the drug and alcohol treatment facility.

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